On last night's episode of Girls Next Door, Hugh Hefner's number two, Bridget Marquardt, devoted her week to getting toy spaniel Wenny a manager. And boy, was it hard! In just under five minutes (roughly the amount of time it takes to get Hef out of the tub), Wenny was signed to do "runway fashion, commercials and feature films." And we're sure the mutt's quick deal had nothing whatsoever to do with greasy-haired "agent" Nick's inability to stop sweating and smiling like a schoolboy in Bridge's buxom presence.

After telling her what he looks for in his clients ("a) potential, b) looks...and the owner's interest level"), he attempts a joke by saying he's required to do an inspection of the dog's residence. In this case, the Playboy Mansion. Smart as a whip, Bridget actually agrees to the sleazy come-on seconds before he pulls out the "Just Kidding" card. Oh Nick. When will guys in LA learn that girls on reality television will pretty much say yes to anything?