23/6 is the political satire website from the Huffington Post and IAC. You know, sort of an Onion for the crowd that goes to College Humor for the biting wit. Now's your chance to get the sure-to-be-valuable commemorative 23/6 t-shirt! Look how excited one recipient is:

[Redacted]: we got mailed a t shirt from 23/6, that huffpo humor site. i am staring at it now! I bet it will generate "buzz."
pareene: hah
pareene: is it a "funny" shirt??
[Redacted]: on the front it has their tagline, and on the back it says "tagg romney is a stupid name"
[Redacted]: which is funny enough I guess
pareene: ha
[Redacted]: exactly the level of funny I was expecting
pareene: funny until south carolina
pareene: then billy beer
[Redacted]: i have no idea what to do with this shirt. it's fucking huge. it would be perfect for pre-slimmed down huck
[Redacted]: maybe that 500 lb policeman
pareene: it would be better if the shirt just said "more like FAG ROMNEY"
[Redacted]: ha
[Redacted]: that would be awesome
pareene: then you could wear that xtra large novelty t-shirt with pride