Well, in case you hadn't heard the news, we got hit with a copyright infringement notice from the Church Of Scientology earlier today. Frankly, we've been too busy watching repeat after repeat of Defamer's appearance on The Today Show this morning to pay it much mind. After all, that's what they pay lawyers for, right? Anyhoo, we managed to get our paws on another outtake from the DVD from whence the "Freedom Medal Of Valor" speech came*. In it, Tom Cruise helps explain how he saved America after 9/11 ... without even asking for permission!

Here's the thing. We applaud the way that T.C. lent his fame and stardom to helping the cause in the wake of the terrible events of 9/11, we really do. There are countless numbers of celebrities (who shall go unnamed) that didn't help out in the way that Tom did. The thing that gives us pause, more than anything, is Tom's continued insistence on using hand gestures and onomatopoeia to express his point. In this clip, he gives an energetic "phooot!" to demonstrate the urgency with which Scientologists must leap to action when the going gets tough. Anyone else find this unsettling?

Also, in case you missed it, here's the self-congratulatory clip from The Today Show this morning. We heart you too, Meredith! Tell Natalie Morales to step off for us, will ya?

For more clips, head over to Gawker. They've got scads.

*Everytime you say "Freedom Medal of Valor", we are suggesting that it immediately be followed with a rousing chant of "America, fuck yeah!" Make it happen, people.