Yesterday, we received a poem from someone calling themselves Romantic Danzig, titled "poem for Jessica Joffe because she blocked my email." Whatever! But then we received separate information that Joffe, the glam writer (Vogue! Glamour! Observer alum!) and former Banana Republic model had broken up with scruffy "difficult to work with" NYC musician Ryan Adams. She has been credited with helping Ryan overcome his substance abuse problems. (As you might remember, he's prone to piss-drunk Internet ramblings). The poem, totally/probably written by Ryan, follows—along with his touching explanation.

In no way do I not realize this is insane but I have to try and share somehow. I mean, I am helpless sometimes against wanting to fix the things that were never broken between people. its my nature. its why i play music.
so anyway JJ blocked my email. if you like, here is a poem to share.


when a woman leaves

she leaves

and leaves

with scents

and all the smells

of the house

when a house is calm




she takes with her the essence

of a place

painting the insides invisibly

while you were not looking

or shall I say, I

when a woman leaves

her smells

are small


each much nastier than a sting

burned into your bed

in a fiery ring

and with her went the candles too

white ones, delightful ones

lit from time to time


when she left she took the pictures


no diety confusion

or something

either way my retinals are masked with shadows of lines of the burn mark of her face inside

tonight i missed

that scent

that smell

which i why i sleep with her sweater

it is still there

fading in the rest of a wooden ship

with a white flag

and battered sail

from storms passed

where calm is now

a lighthouse is a lighthouse with or without

a light