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In lieu of Golden Globes awards speeches, our East Coasted sibling site posted a memorable video package, via Hollywood Interrupted, fêting messianic Scientology mouthpiece Tom Cruise as he accepted their 2005 Freedom Medal of Valor. Like most of Scientology's sacred babblings, the text was never meant to reach outside eyes; the video quickly disappeared from YouTube, soon to shake off from the temporary effects of the tranquilizing serum plunged into its neck and find itself buried alive beneath a patch of carefully attended petunias on the grounds of Gilman Hot Springs HQ.

Alas, there are never quite enough idling white vans to stop the rapid proliferation of mouth-foaming, glassy-eyed, Scientological diatribes on the internets, and so Radar Online has reposted the footage. Don't let the Mission Impossible-theme loop or the shutter-effect edits throw you: The United Artists co-figurehead has never sounded more focused or enlightened about his true mission—ridding the world of spectatorism, by never hesitating to put his ethics into someone else. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Surprise! The video has come down again. We'll replace it as soon as another is made available, but until then, you get this lovely, keepsake YouTube Scientology copyright claim notice.

UPDATE #2: The video is back up and we've got it.