What's left of Katie Holmes popped by the GMA studios this morning for a chat with host Diane Sawyer. Sure, this was all under the auspices of promoting Mad Money (opening Friday—but you knew that!), but that didn't mean all other topics were off limits.

After Diane noted that the two hadn't spoken since the first anniversary of the couples' fairy tale nuptials in Lake Braccianco, Holmes eyeballs instantly morphed into twirling spirals as she recalled the happiest day of her life, full of cherished memories like clutching her father one last time before walking down the aisle in tears; then spotting her eternal betrothed and finding herself magically "locked in." For contrast's sake, producers aired an interview in which Holmes's own mom recalled what a stubbornly independent toddler Katie was. Luckily, however, Suri shows no signs yet of independent thinking, but is instead a "delightful" child with an impressive vocabulary that began with first words "mama" and "dada," upon which "everything else" ("fetan," "zeenoo," etc...) quickly followed suit.