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You wondered what qualifications Garry Steckles, a St. Kitts restauranteur, brings to his job as a consultant for the Chicago Sun-Times, which is facing imminent layoffs. Apart from being childhood friend of the Chicago newspaper's editor-in-chief, "I worked [at English newspaper Shields Gazette] from 1960 to 1964, on the sports desk... full time, straight out of school, at 30 bob a week," he writes via the comments section of an English news blog.

The editor who hired me was C. Wallace Jackson, who, to my horror - these were innocent days - was fired a few weeks after I started after being caught in a compromising position with his secretary (he was shagging her on his desk)... We used to spend much time at the old General Havelock, where beer cost less than a shilling a pint.

...Currently living in St. Kitts in the Eastern Caribbean and working for a few months at the moment at the Sun-Times in Chicago. And got a book coming out early next year, published by Macmillan, a biography of Bob Marley - whoever's reading this, do buy it, I need the money.