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Faded it-boy and friend to all races Fabian Basabe knows Oprah, good people, and he will not have you bad-mouthing her. From, ugh, his blog:

While recovering from our performance, what better to do then go through "Best and Worst Bodies of the Year" in this week Star magazine issue? So, between a longoria here and a Kate moss there, we flipped a page and suddenly realized that the world has gone mad!!!!! More or less, here you have the headline: "Oprah LIES! Her 60lbs weight gain is for eating binges and not a thyroid problem like she said". I mean!!! There are just some things that cannot be done, and believe me - my list on that one is pretty short, but even I know that you don't fuck with Oprah! People, do not abuse your freedom of speech, it is not a free world, it is Oprah's world, Star Magazine, you are in so much trouble! I met Oprah when I was invited to her show, an experience I will never forget, and trust me, there is no one bigger! When I said goodbye she hugged me, and I am still not sure weather she did it because she liked me or because she thought I needed and hug, but whatever the case... StarMag, what are you thinking, accusing Oprah of lying and calling her fat!

Also he got a text from a friend that said Whoopi Goldberg was blowing rails at The Cock, which leads him to pose a fascinating thought question about which famous daytime TV black lady "you" would rather sleep with. Totally gross, Fab! That'd be almost like kissing a girl!

The Life and Times of Fabian Basabe: "...but even I know that you don't f*ck with Oprah" [Fabian Basabe's Blog]
Image via Rob Rich