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No one expects the fannish inquisition. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can breathe easy; he has nothing to fear from 60 Minutes after all. From the looks of the teaser CBS News is running for his upcoming interview, the hardest question Zuckerberg got asked was if he got in trouble at Harvard for launching Facemash, a predecessor of Facebook built from photos he hacked out of school servers. The venerable news organization even got his net worth wrong — he owns 27 percent of Facebook, making him worth $4 billion on paper, not $3 billion. So much for factchecking. Here are the questions we wish CBS's Lesley Stahl had asked — but doubt she bothered:

  • Why were Facebook employees allowed to access private user profiles for their own amusement? What have you done to stop that practice?
  • Why did you bother to launch Beacon ads, and endure a roiling PR crisis over Facebook's disrespect for users' privacy, when you don't even charge for those ads?
  • How badly, exactly, did you rook Microsoft when you renegotiated your ad deal and took their $240 million?

On that last point, there will be an answer soon. And on Valleywag, not 60 Minutes.