248 McKibbin, the almost certainly filthy hipster-warehouse living space that was once infested with bedbugs and also fought the police, posted a Myspace rant against their neighbors, 255 McKibbin, chiefly concerning the quality of their parties. An exerpt from "RANT: Big parties at 255 McKibbin" follows.

New 255 Flyer: "Sausage Fest testosterone and PBR fueled nights on the town with lukewarm passion and a taste for the tepid. Come to 255!"

What happenned to this scene where things are held to a high standard? Why do we consistently reward mediocracy? Shouldn't you just move to Los Angeles?? Is it that the good DJS and party promoters have all run off to places like the Cook St. Lofts, or even worse, the Lower East Side? *shudder*"

Let's bring Brooklyn back, huh? Come on, you can do better than that 255. I know you're emotionally vulnerable right now and running out of money from your trust, but come on already!"

Full disclosure: one Gawker employee admits to having once resided in 248, adding, "The parties always sucked! Even the one where the tv got thrown off the roof."