Yesterday there was an in-comments FAQ with our Adderall Adviser, Alex Geana (commenter AlexWriterly). He's writing a book about the pharmaceutical-grade amphetamine! What did we learn? Well, mostly that Gawker readers are all pill-popping menaces. Though, it's unclear how much we really needed that reiterated. Either way, after the jump you'll find a list of Five Things You Didn't Know About Adderall.

1) Adderall may make you disloyal and not to be trusted!:
"this is probably not what Nick wanted me to say; but I find sleep and meditation works much better then adderall, although more people swear by the adderall."

2) Adderall is basically Titanic:
"The half life of Adderall is about 4 hours, that means it'll stay in your system for 8. You will only feel it for 4 though, but it's still there."

3) Adderall will help you write about your friends' rock bottoms:
"Not from me, but I've seen people pass out, take to much. One of my dearest friends almost committed suicide because he was taking to many peoples, he didn't want to, but he just kept on popping them like candy. So that's where a lot of the inspiration behind my poetry and short story book comes from. The late night parties, the insanity that can be NYC."

"that's what it's about, this drug is a passing fad, just like many others. But it's indicative of a greater challenge, in society as a whole. I'm not preaching. By no means, my writing and thoughts come from an observers stand point. For me this is a fascinating concept and phenomenon."

4) Adderall makes you a big, circular thinker:
"We're willing to put almost anything in our bodies; that doctors prescribe to us, we even ask for scrips, watching commercials for sleeping aids and the like ... this is taught to us from an early age. 'A pill will cure everything.' But then we eat all organic, are concerned about cloned beef. This is one of, the great paradoxes in our culture."

5) An Adderall user may actually not actually use Adderall:
"...for the art set, that magic, that makes something amazing, can't come from a drug. Well, not in my case. I think it's a great illusion, and Big Pharma totally wants everyone to buy a pill to cure them."