Have you ever made it all the way through an issue of the New York Review of Books? Of course not! But did you realize that the septuagenarian crowd is getting totally rowdy back there, carefully crafting literate, occasionally randy personals for potential hookups? (Remember, they don't know how to use Craigslist). Actual example: "Manhunt for literate 70 y/o gay men!" Examples after the jump! (Totally SFW).

70 looking 60 with the energy of 50. Love to travel: me on my dollar, you on yours. I've seen the world twice - hope third time's the charm ... sex is fun it you're a romantic, otherwise move on...

Refined, yet uncomplicated—can eat peanut butter straight from the jar, yet totally comfortable at White House dinner.

Best-selling Boston author, media commentator (MacNeil/Lehrer, Nightline, NPR). Known for laser-like intellect balanced by warm heart and disarming ability to laugh at herself. Ivy educated, Ivy professor. Slender divorced brunette with expressive sexy eyes, head-turning presence.

Art foundation director. Dark hair, slender figure, sparkling eyes, worldly intellect. Think classic 1940s movie star looks with an added dash of warmth and character. Gracious, successful—something of a maverick.