"Cougars." Ladies "of a certain age" cruising for young men. Often used on obnoxious television comedies, by fratty assholes, and on the internets. And Time Out NY would like to know where, exactly, to find them!

A TONY staffer sent a query to his coworkers earlier today asking him to help map out which bars in the city are best for tracking down the elusive lusty older lady. The subject line: "Where have all the cougars gone?" The writer received a message from a self-described "attractive cougar in [her] early 40s, thirsting for some young blood." She wanted to know which bars provided the highest ratio of hot young dudes to "catty, female 20-somethings traveling in packs."

"I have a feeling some of you have also spied cougars on the prowl out and about," our TONY stafffer insinuates. "What watering holes do they frequent?" Yes, readers, which bars would those be? Let's all help enforce societal double standards about sexuality!