Is this the heavy hand of Rupert Murdoch at work? Identical ledes on separate page 1 stories in today's Journal insist that common folk want their electronic thinking machines to be flashy and eye-catching, not boring, gray, and business-like. HINT HINT, Journal staffers!

"Personal computer buyers often ask questions about technical features such as hard drives and microprocessors. Ken Musgrave hopes to inspire a different kind of customer query: 'Does that come in pink?'"
-"PC Makers Take A Stylish Turn To Tackle Apple", Wall Street Journal, A1.

"Seagate Technology knows buyers care about how much the company's disk drives cost and how much data they can hold. But Bill Watkins has learned that what those products look like and how loud they are matter, too."
-"Can a Hard Drive Make a Fashion Statement?", Wall Street Journal, B1.