In 2001, Broadway star James Barbour received an illegal blowjob from (or, as the Times invariably refers to it, performed a "sex act" with) a 15-year-old groupie. He first met and "fondled" the aspiring actress when she met him backstage after a performance of "Jane Eyre" she attended with her parents, thanks to her drama teacher. The 'sex act' happened a month later at his place. As part of the plea bargain, Barbour has agreed to admit his immoral behavior "to anybody he works for in film, television or theater for up to the next three years." Which seems equal part sex offender punishment and total bragging. How often do stage actors get groupie action?! Even if they did play the damn Beast! Barbour's next role: Sidney Carton in "A Tale of Two Cities." Far, far better thing he did, etc. [NYT]