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· We realize this makeover isn't that new, but did the Sun-Maid girl fix a deviated septum? And get Botox? And a chemical peel? And a brow lift? And go tanning? She's still being styled by Rachel Zoe, though. Zing!
· The AMPTP clock has hit $151,000,000. Why is that figure significant? Well, says their website, it's the moment the strike has crossed over into the red abyss, costing the writers more than they were negotiating for in the first place. Do you taste the bitter irony here? It's so unpleasant on the tongue!
· The visor supposedly worn by Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation and sold by Christie's to a Trekkie for $6000 is now suspected of being a fake.
· It's official: Rocky's son and the indestructible cheerleader are doing it!
· Did somebody say...list? Reality Blurred reminds us of all the reality stars who died this year—a surprisingly hefty lot—as well as a bunch of other reality TV stuff from a year where the format reigned supreme.