We hear that over Christmas, two of the New York Observer's all-too-rare bachelor heterosexual reporters stopped being so single! According to office gossip, both nightlife reporter Spencer Morgan and man-about-town George Gurley got engaged! Morgan's intended is Alexis Bryan, the daughter of Vogue editor Anna Wintour's man-partner. This means that Colonel Potter from M*A*S*H*, who is Morgan's grandfather, will be the stepfather-in-law of Anna Wintour. (Crazy!) Rumor has it that Morgan's in-laws-to-be bought their future son-in-law a Cadillac. (Though it might be Alexis' mother, not father, who so gifted.)

Gurley is engaged to his longtime ladyfriend Hilly, who recently said in their therapy sessions, "You know what I'm sick of? I hate the stigma of feeling like one of these sucker-punched spinster loser Manhattan hags with a million cats and a stack of New Yorkers. I'm sick of it! I just want it done."

Well, sister, it's done! Or is it? According to one source, Gurley says the ring was just a gift and that they're not actually engaged. But at least Hilly no longer looks like a sucker-punched spinster loser Manhattan hag! We're sure we'll read allllll about that soon enough.

Our sincere congratulations to all the young lovers.