Facebook, the online agora for hipsters and bigots, shepherds and faeries, is also—duh!—a tool of political organization! Like this group of 20-somethings from Fordham University who are steamed as hell that hipsters are invading Astoria! There's Greeks in them there hills and they don't want them smoked out by "flamboyant hipsters... turning our churches, cafes and hang outs into wasteful art exhibits!" The group is run by a group of Greeks, though, as the Daily News notes, "other Greeks distanced themselves from the group's call for battle against long-haired music lovers." After all, were not Calliope, Euterpe and Polyhymnia long-haired music lovers themselves?

Generally we're on the side of the hipsters, because 1. who can turn down cheap rent, good souvlaki and the Astoria pool in the summer? And 2. the kids leading the campaign not only don't live in Astoria themselves but also sound like tools. But after this quote from a "hipster" the News tracked down, we might have to side with the Greeks on this one:

"I guess they have a problem with people who go out and free ourselves with our music," snarled David Guevara, 18, of Astoria, who sings and plays guitar in a rock band.

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