Steve Florio, the mustachioed colorful extravagant "pirate captain" ex-CEO and president of Conde Nast, died today from a heart attack. He was 58. Florio's tenure at Conde Nast spanned from the early 80's to 2004, when he stepped down (perhaps under duress!) as chief executive due to "heart problems." Over 25 years, Florio ran the New Yorker for a time and also GQ and saw circ numbers skyrocket (though he has been accused of fuzzy math). He also sometimes did the bidding of James Truman, including overseeing the offloading of Details to Fairchild. After he left he wrote the best memoir that was never written called Managing the Gods. It included a bit about the state of GQ when he arrived there as publisher, "One guy in ad sales was a cocaine freak; another was a notorious sex fanatic. An out-of-town sales rep was a cross-dressing nut - hose, bra, hats and the works."