New York society chronicler David Patrick Columbia is a little blue! He went out to lunch with Erica Jong the other day, and they talked about the YouTube videos about Henry Kravis and the tax-dodging mogul set. But lunch with Erica put him in a maudlin frame of mind, even though they went on to talk about Hillary Clinton. But how can one feel down when one receives such an amazing Christmas card from Dr. Sherrell and Muffie Potter Aston?

Says DPC of Erica:

She has spent time with Mrs. Clinton and she knows that she is a woman who will look after the children. Not all women, she said, are interested and not all men can, but Hillary will. Her record already speaks it. This was all expressed by Erica very quietly and matter of factly. I saw Hillary Clinton somewhat differently.

Later on in the day I was thinking about our conversation. These are very uneasy times for many. So many people talk about the political campaigns with confoundment and no strong feelings in any direction. Disappointment is almost a given. Is it the time, or is it the way life is.

Well, it is the time! BUT LOOK! Don't be down, kitten! Gaze upon Muffie!

The second day after Christmas [NYSD]