Today's Thursday Styles section has that profile of Ivanka Trump, who apparently likes looking at herself in the mirror. But that's all I know about that, because not only do I refuse to read any of the words in that part of the newspaper, it's like I actually physically cannot! I can't and haven't read any part of the Times except the front page, any other newspaper, or any magazine for more than a week now. I haven't read any blogs, including this one, either! It's a real problem, or it would be, if my last day at this website wasn't Monday. Anyway, instead of writing little jabby synopses of things and trends and people in the news for the next few days, I have no choice but to just tell you about the books I read and thoughts I had while I was on vacation. It'll be like the time I mused about how we should all stop hating and start focusing our energy and we would all own Park Slope brownstones someday—except less delusional.