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In an effort to rival Facebook, Google has decided to label anyone users chat with in Gmail a "friend." One privilege friends get is they can tell which stories you're sharing with other users in Google Reader. But instead of building a better social network, Google might just be a better Grinch. "This little feature," one woman writes in Google Groups "has actually RUINED CHRISTMAS for my family!" Here's her not so Merry little Christmas tale in 100 words.

This new feature RUINED CHRISTMAS for my family! I sent a share that I thought would go to a few politically-like-minded friends. Didn't realize that because I chatted with him in GChat, it would also go to my brother of a different political persuasion. He sent a email about it to our family. I sent him an email asking him not to talk behind my back. He called me a name.Told me we shouldn't talk at Christmas Eve dinner. My family has taken sides over this. Several of them are not speaking. Google set up whatever features you want but give us fair warning.