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Visits and page views to Valleywag were about 50 percent of a normal weekday both yesterday and today, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As the guy at Tully's Coffee said, "Any day that half your clientele shows up at the door is a business day." With half the Net still going at it (see chart: Most of our traffic comes from people clicking links), it's kind of weird to see the go-go business blogs — TechCrunch, GigaOm, VentureBeat — shuttered for the day. Couldn't you guys have queued something up? The old-media dinosaurs at the NYT managed to print an issue, even if it's padded with heartwarming holiday filler. I'm starting to think the Objectivists are right: The problem with Christmas is it's not commercialized enough. Whoops, update: Duncan at TechCrunch just posted some actual news, but it's already late Wednesday morning for him in Australia.