One reason getting older isn't so bad is that at the end of every year, one gets to watch as the Times trots out words coined in the year previous, courtesy of Gawker pal Grant Barrett. Who really can complain of an increased risk of prostate cancer, a few more wrinkles and a lack of stamina while words like "gorno" "life-stream" and "mobisode" made the passage of time worth it? On the other hand, none of these words mean what they sound like they mean.

"Gorno" isn't a journalist/gynecologist, "mobisode" isn't an episode of a television show relating to the mafia and "life-stream" isn't when you piss away your life savings. Other words like "multi-dad," "said of a woman who has children by more than one man," are superfluous. Mother told me that those women were hussies.

Save lolcat, I've never heard any of 2007's neologisms used. Oh, except that one time that guy on the subway who said, "My name is Raffael but my friends call me Rafi" began screaming, "I-reporter boom! Mom job, Navy shower, mom job! Make it rain! Nose bidet! Ninja Loan!" Who knew he was such a cutting edge linguist!