The real reason behind this week's "slight" chemical explosion at News Corp's midtown office building? Karma is rip-roaring bitch. The theme at the company's overfull holiday shindig at the Hilton last Friday was climate change GOP-style—signs were posted reading "No Coal Mining In or Around These Premises," and "Oil Spills Are Strictly Forbidden in This Location." Tongue in cheek? Not? Who knows! Green is in! What was the first thing partygoers got on their way in? A good wanding and Champagne test tubes. Distributed by whom, you ask? An entire team of people in fake hazmat suits.

An NYU acapella group crooned about their turtleneck sweaters and knit scarves in a corner; one chanteuse was in a wheelchair. Guests received maps to climate-themed rooms like "Mercury Rising" and "Rainforest Lounge," according to New York senior online editor Chris Rovzar, who was brave (or bored) enough to check it out. Rupert Murdoch was there, watching his employees play Guitar Hero and get their caricatures painted. The whole thing sounds like a bizarre and overzealous carnival. Not that this should surprise us—when we open up the Post each morning, it's not uncommon for us to feel we're watching a one-legged blind woman doing it with a hermaphrodite mule.

Good news! Excellent portrait and event photographer Ric Kallaher was there to document! You should enjoy his beautiful slideshow.