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Despite the flaccid-sounding acronym, there's nothing namby-pamby about the SAG awards—the greatest honor Hollywood's thespians can bestow upon each other (besides, of course, the Oscars, the Backstage Westies, and the Craigslist Jobs: TV/Film/Video Awards). Jeanne Tripplehorn and Terrence Howard announced this year's nominees early this morning to an enraptured crowd of before-hours cleaning crew and building security at the Pacific Design Center:

Into the Wild led the pack with four nominations, but plenty of SAGgie was love was spread about, including George Clooney's cleaner-with-a-conscience Michael Clayton, and Daniel Day-Lewis's nose for There Will Be Blood. On the women's side, nods went out to Angelina Jolie for Best Accent in A Mighty Heart, and Ellen Page, for her breakout title role in zeitgeisty teen pregnancy comedy Juno. And while we have a ways to go until the 2008 World Stunt Awards (the Stunties?), at least we have the Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture category to tide us over until then, singling out the abs-ilicious Spartans of 300 for their fine spearchucking efforts. The TV side, meanwhile, had few surprises, save for a nomination for Mad Men's Jon Hamm (to add to his Golden Globe nomination), and another for the AMC drama's ensemble, for their outstanding work revisiting the politics of 1960s corporate America as they develop lung and liver cancer in real time.

A full list of nominees is here.