Gossip gal Liz Smith chats with Michael's owner Michael McCarty over at Radar. (What goes into a $35 burger? Uh, "Really good meat," allegedly. More accurately: "The price of real estate in Midtown Manhattan?") And then Michael gets to finally knife Vanity Fair writer Michael Wolff over his boycott of Michael's.

Have you ever had anybody leave and not come back? Oh, just one, [former New York magazine columnist, current Vanity Fair writer] Michael Wolff. Remember the writer Michael Wolff?

Uh. Barely. [Laughs.]
One time, he called extremely late, and his table was already sat, because he was at frequently at table five. Loreal said, "I'm awfully sorry, you're table is already sat, but I can give you another table. And he said that that was it, and he never came back.

I don't understand what you're saying. His table was sat?
Sat, in other words, there were already people on it. It already had people there ...

Well, that's ridiculous.
But of course it is! After he stormed off, he started calling on the phone, demanding to know who decided that he should be evicted from his regular table. He kept on screaming, "Tell me who did this. I want names." It was a little sad, really.

Power Lunch [Radar]