Yesterday David Foxley, the thin, sexy and VERY white reporter of the Observer, made mention of the new hotness at Cafe Carlyle. "Whereas the cabaret-restaurant used to close after the last act ended at around 12 a.m., it now stays open on Thursday thru Saturday nights until the party dies." Oh, doesn't that sound hot?

Says the Fox:

"We just wanted to give another late-night option to people on the Upper East Side," the rep told us. "It's a completely new concept [for us]. Often times in the past, people would tell us they wish the evening could continue. It was designed specifically for that exclusive nightlife experience. Guests can sip specialty drinks and dance the night away listening to guest DJs."

But an inside source confirms what we always expected: Combine the phrases "Upper East Side" and "Exclusive Nightlife experience" and "Specialty drinks" and "guest DJs" and you'll end up with a terrible nightmare.

"I have witnessed this late night shindig and let me tell you it is pathetic. About 4 people dancing to the prom night-esque sounds of "we are family" and other such crap." On the other hand, those 4 people do get to carry this Cafe Carlyle After Hours member card. Kind of like the Centurion American Express card but for uptown asshats and slightly more Prom-y!