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It's not that we're appalled by married Eric Schmidt's role as Google's adulterer supervision. Rather, we're amazed. Impressed, even. Where does the man find the time? Though he's broken up with Marcy Simon, the girlfriend he gave a PR job in Google's New York office, we hear he's now squiring Kate Bohner around. Including, publicly, to one of the presidential debates Google's YouTube site has been running with CNN. We don't think this relationship will last very long, either. Just watch this video to see why.

In her little-watched "Watercooler Diaries" series on YouTube, Bohner films herself in a bikini, swimming with dolphins and interviewing Florida locals. In an on-camera commentary, Bohner makes the following observation about the dolphins:

The boys stay together in their bachelor pads to go hunter-gathering and also ... to go sniffing out for more pods of girls. Rrnnnggh! Just like human boys!

Just like human boys, indeed, Kate. Just ask Marcy.