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A commenter on our previous coverage of Rackspace's Texas datacenter outage last month had some pretty harsh words about Rackspace's recovery effort. I called Rackspace for comment and got slightly less alarming spin on the situation. Our tip, and the company's story, after the jump.

Rackspace is falling apart again. To my understanding, the whole infrastructure has failed and they now have emergency generators and chillers for the past two or three weeks in the parking lot. This must be vary bad for the remaining customers to go through this again and again, not to mention that Rackspace is not a true redundancy A-B side as they advertise to the public. This company is a bad investment!

A Rackspace spokesperson told us that the tipster was badly misinterpreting the situation. There are reserve chillers and generators in the parking lot, she says, and they'll remain there for an "indeterminate amount of time" while they do testing on the system. Currently "all systems are working normally."

(Photo by kylemac)