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Marcy Simon, the publicist romantically linked with Eric Schmidt, has broken up with the Google CEO. We wouldn't take such interest in Schmidt's affairs, if they didn't make him obsessed with privacy and prone to making foolish hires — such as the time he installed Simon as a PR consultant in Google's New York office. A messy breakup with his wife, Wendy, would also put his considerable stake in Google in play, which would seem to make keeping an eye on Schmidt's wandering one well worth investors' while.

Well, Google shareholders can rest easy. Simon figured out that despite the massive diamond ring he gave her, Schmidt wasn't serious about promises he made Simon about splitting with Wendy. (According to a Simon confidante, Schmidt claimed he was "legally separated" from his wife. Can anyone confirm that?) "When he's with Wendy, he's completely with her," says an insider. And when he's not with her, he's with someone like Kate Bohner. Impressive that he manages to have so much free time while ostensibly running Google.