At long last the saga of Astoria roommate-hunters Emily and Michelle is coming to its crushing conclusion. And at the same time, another volume in their Rabelaisian lives is being written. Good news! Emily and Michelle have finally found a roommate. According to Emily (or Michelle, we don't know which one is which):

our new roommate, she's black
and always drunk. in the past five minutes we've witnessed her running into a wall, chugging rum in her closet, drinking zwack from our freezer, running into the kitchen wall and falling over

How do we know this? Um,, the blog the girls started a couple of days ago. There are pictures of the girls in college (shown above), extended IM conversations about douching and some hints that Emily and Michelle might be more than just two crazy friends.

So there's this:

But then there's also this:

The most interesting thing about this whole Emily and Michelle story is that, though usually greater access to a thing engenders greater understanding of it, with Emily and Michelle the more you know the less you understand until you find yourself living with them, going crazy and drinking zwack from their freezer to numb the pain/pleasure.