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"It would be sweet if it were true," demurred porn baron Andrew Conru, when we asked if the Palo Alto porn baron had sold FriendFinder Inc., the parent company of porn-laden classifieds site Adult FriendFinder. Sweet indeed, then. Multiple sources have told us Various was sold on Friday, and one confirms that Penthouse is the buyer. A tipster says that there's an all-hands meeting today at 2 p.m. to inform employees of "exciting times ahead for all." Anyone want to head down to the Cinemark theater in Palo Alto to find out and tell us? After the jump, the email to employees.

There are exciting times ahead for all of us here at FriendFinder, Inc. In order to share the news and updates with staff all at the same time, we have booked a theatre for tomorrow at 2:00 pm. We are requesting that all staff be present except for the swing/grave shift staff or staff who are normally off on Tuesdays. They are welcome to attend on their own accord or their managers can brief them in the evening or following day. Below is the address of the theatre, which is on the corner of El Camino and Page Mill. We look forwarding to seeing all the staff and sharing our plans for 2008.

Cinemark Palo Alto Cinearts 2
3000 El Camino Real Blvd.., #6
Palo Alto, Ca 94306
Auditorium 1

Natalie Cedeno

Director of Human Resources
FriendFinder, Inc.,, Inc.
STREAMray, Inc, Fast, Inc.
and Various, Inc.
(650) [REDACTED] Direct Line
(650) [REDACTED] Fax Line