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Watch Jupitermedia CEO Alan Meckler lose his executive cool after former employee Nicholas Carlson — our own Alleywag in New York City — deems him "old, rich and boring."

ValleyWag had a big put down on the list not to mention the obnoxiousness of the headline ["Silicon Alley 100 a bunch of old white guys"]. And who was the writer? None other than Nicolas Carlson who worked for Jupitermedia until recently. ValleyWag is cool but has no substance. If we ever have another bubble burst in the Internet space, ValleyWag will be one of the first sites to bite the dust. As for Carlson, is it not ironic that he blasts NYC and the very people who has been hired to cover? He went from writing quality at to writing gossip and garbage at ValleyWag.

I already know Carlson's response: "At least he could've spelled my name right."