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We've heard rumors that there will be three presidents attending the Caribbean wedding of Google cofounder Larry Page and his bride-to-be, Lucy Southworth. The Times Online is reporting that Bill and Hillary Clinton are expected to attend, which leaves two presidents unaccounted for. The likeliest candidates: Dubya and his dad. Here's why.

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The evidence: Lucy's sister Carrie Southworth, pictured, is an actress whose latest appearance was in an episode of CBS's Rules of Engagement. She is married to Coddy Johnson, the field director of George W. Bush's 2004 presidential campaign. Johnson is the son of Clay Johnson, Dubya's roommate at Yale.

Coddy Johnson is also the godson of George W. Bush, according to a classmate at Stanford's business school, where Johnson graduated this past spring, putting him on campus at the same time as Lucy, who recently passed the oral exam for her Ph.D. in bioinformatics.

Larry and Lucy are hosting a reported 600 guests on Necker Island. Surely the couple could make room for her sister's husband's godfather — maybe even his dad. The presence of a sitting president would also explain the extraordinary security measures Page and Southworth are taking.