Anthony Martignetti, proprietor of the Douchebag Restaurant Hall of Fame contender Bar Martignetti, is contemplating opening another restaurant. He tells New York "I had a breakfast meeting at Pastis with a real-estate broker. We're looking at a couple of spots downtown [for a new restaurant] — I can't really say until we sign the lease. Pastis is very close to one of them we're looking at." BLAARG!!!


Tuesday, December 4
I had a quick coffee at Balthazar, because I live a block away, with another person that's helping me out with another restaurant. I finally made it to Equinox on Crosby and Prince and got a yogurt and granola with fresh fruit at 'wichcraft at Equinox.

Two questions: God that's frighteningly close to our offices! (Hmm! And we did have last year's holiday party downstairs at Bar Martignetti. We hope that's a coincidence.) Also, does that make three Martignetti-owned restaurants? Will the madness never end?

But that's not all. Sometimes Anthony Martignetti is racist too, like later that night!

Then I didn't eat again till dinner that night. I went to Marlow & Sons and had roast chicken and a lot of Blue Point oysters — I think we had twelve. Then I came back to my restaurant where it was a really busy Tuesday night. At midnight I cooked scallops for the guys in the kitchen, showing them a new way. So I ended up eating six dayboat diver scallops. I'm always in the kitchen cooking, whether it's for me or one of the little line cooks ... we'll try to make Mexican or something.

"Little line cooks!" Ay Carumba!

Anthony Martignetti Plots a New Restaurant Over Croissants at Pastis