John Seeman, a 61-year-old doorman who lives in Brooklyn and "supports his 81-year-old mother," got fired from the Upper East Side apartment building where he works as a doorman. The cause? Having bad breath. He had been working there since 1967. The man who fired him, Joe Scholes of Cooper Square Realty, recently won the New York Building Managers Association's Special Appreciation Award, and wrote the article "Five Steps to Building Better Staff Performance." In it, he asks: "Who doesn't like to get a pat on the back? An old fashioned compliment for a job well done can have an enormous impact, especially since it is so seldom done." In his defense, Seeman said, "I'm not using garlic anymore... I use mouthwash and I sue breath mints on the job." Oh! Did I write sue? I meant sue. I mean! I mean, use. But he is so gonna sue.

Doorman Suspended Over Bad Breath [NYDN]