Zachary Quinto, the guy who plays Sylar on Heroes, was at the Radar party last night. I love Heroes and hate Sylar. He's such a dick and he totally screws over that cute South American girl with the eyes that cry blood or whatever. Plus he's annoying. So when I saw Quinto, I wanted to punch him, naturally. It could have been because I ran into him just as the upstairs bar was shutting down and wouldn't serve us and he's like (to his friends), "I just talked to the Skyy Vodka® people downstairs, they'll totally hook us up." So I was clenching my fist and cocking my arm, when I realized he was wearing kind of emo black rimmed glasses, chucks and a pea coat. He had spiky hair too. He even had a scarf. And then it dawned on me. Zachary Quinto looks like a nice gay boy. (Is he gay? I think so but I don't know.) And my rage subsided because Sylar is totes not gay. Cognitive dissonance is such a more deadly foe when you are filled with vodka.