We thought for sure the crazy/cuddly/cathartic antics of Astoria's belles du jour Emily and Michelle would result in someone, anyone, taking up their offer to move in with them in their four bedroom apartment . They even threw a potluck! They even sang songs! They even have A DOUGLAS! Everyone wants a Douglas! Imagine our sadness and, quite frankly, disappointment upon seeing receiving hearing that the room was still unoccupied.

It's like when you have a junkie friend who you think is clean and then you see them on the street trying to score and you feel sad and angry and also protective. And then your friend looks at you kind of ashamed but to weak to resist his demons and breaks off eye contact. Emily recently wrote us, "do we get any more free help?" Sigh. You do. The Craigslist ad is titled, $800 get it while the gettins good and the gettins never good." They listed their address as 26th Ave at Cock st."

do we have, we don't have any wine... i was gonna stop and get some but my toes were frozen off...aaaaaaahhhhh fucking chicago" michellle


thats all true.

um, uh, um... sigh

we're sick of looking for roomates. the first person who will move in jan 1 gets it.

That could be you! You could have a Douglas too!