Last night Radar magazine had a party at the New Museum to celebrate "the most exciting rogues, renegades, and rule breakers of the year," a list that included facially scary but totally funny comedienne Kathy Griffin, 'The Squid And The Whale' teenfeelings-proxy Jesse Eisenberg, and something called "Spankrock." We didn't notice any of these people (institutions?) in attendance last night, but then, the party was on the ground floor and seventh floors of the New Museum and we fled the college-aged crowd on the first floor as soon as an opportunity presented itself in order to spend time on the seventh floor talking to the same 10 people we always talk to. The view from up there is almost pretty enough to convince you that it makes sense to build misshapen towers all over the Lower East Side. Anyway, Radar had decorated the walls with quotes from their various rogues and renegades and they spelled Riviera wrong. But hey, nobody's perfect.