Last night, Mediabistro founder Laurel Touby wonderfully displayed her utter inability to use email. (Once again, we question how this woman founded an internet company and sold it for $23 million.) Rebecca Fox, Mediabistro's managing editor, had sent out an email alert that News Corp. had bought Rebecca did not bcc the email list—and so her boss Laurel replied to all. Which started a most unholy email chain!

We're sure Matt Drudge, Time Inc. guy Jim Kelly, the TV critic of the Washington Post, and conservative blogger Michelle Malkin really enjoyed watching Laurel praise her staff. Uh oh! Here comes novelist and former Page Sixer Ian Spiegelman!

Eeek! And Portfolio blogger Jeff Bercovici!

Uh oh, did someone say former Page Sixer and Ron Burkle-suer Jared Paul Stern? (It's like Candyman—say his name and here he comes!)

We sure wish we knew!

And yet... we never did find out who the hell this "Hunter" was that Laurel mentioned; the Mediabistro item was written by someone called "Noah." Perhaps, as it was lower-cased in Laurel's praise email, she was referring to her staffers as "hunters"—they hunt and gather information and bring it back to the Mediacave! It sounds fun there, maybe we will go apply for jobs.