Model and heiress Lydia Hearst sat down in her dark corner with her glass of tequila and lime juice, all Hemingway-like, and pumped out another column for Page Six magazine. Thank God. Besides some musings about her new hair color and the traffic that kept her from her Puma bag launch breakfast, Lydia has some unsolicited advice for Brooke Astor's troubled son Anthony Marshall.

The lady says: "If it is true, the news of Brooke Astor's son being indicted for mishandling his mother's fortune is disgraceful. As an heiress, I think the most important thing is to maintain respect for the legacy that has afforded a wonderful life." Do tell!

She continues: "To invite unfavorable attention is the ultimate betrayal to the name, and it's surprising that anyone from a family with those means might misuse a loved one's money or sully a grand reputation."

Someday, we imagine, Lydia's mom might want to sit her down and have a candid talk about that little Symbionese Liberation Army kerfuffle.