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Feeling perhaps a tad emasculated after his shriveled member made the rounds in a naked photo circulated 'round the internets—virtually erasing all memory of his barbaric piledriving of Johnny Fairplay at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards—Radar notes that Danny Bonaduce has put out feelers to Penthouse editors, hoping he has a chance to redeem himself with a nude spread to accompany an upcoming profile.

We're all but certain that under the proper, thermal-controlled conditions, maintained by a staff of round-the-clock fluffing professionals, that Bonaduce's member would expand to far less humiliating dimensions. Still, something about this latest, less-than-stellar chapter in the the radio host's steady, downward trajectory has led us to wonder if the problem is less Bonaduce's, but rather attributable to something we'll call The Other Half Curse, in which the stars of the short-lived male answer to The View all eventually succumbed to some kind of massive, career-eviscerating misfortune, whether stroke, addiction, medical malpractice, or just a failure to outgrow one's natural, moronic tendencies.