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· Var insightfully notes that picket lines full of bored writers marching in endless circles with little else to do but chat, network, and dream up theme events have transformed into something of a "social scene." [Variety]
· Hollywood Out of Ideas, Tom Hanks On A Budget Edition: Matthew Perry will play a grown-up version of Disney superstar Zac Efron in Big-in-reverse project 17, in which a suddenly teenaged, mysteriously overtanned Perry/Efron enrolls in high school so he can hang out with his children, who wonder why the "new gay kid" keeps trying so hard to become friends with them. [THR]

· Last night's Dancing with the Stars finale wasn't quite as popular as the show's previous season-ending offerings, but it was still high-rated enough to give ABC its biggest Tuesday night Nielsens in seven years. A basket full of muffins from Steve McPherson has already been delivered to Helio Castroneves in gratitude. [Variety]
· Depending on who you are, The Golden Compass is either too religious, or not religious enough. [THR]
· The Sundance festival unveils the lineup of independent films that inevitably will be overshadowed by constant media reports about which Park City gifting suites and nightclubs Paris Hilton and the cast of Entourage are frequenting. [Variety]