NY Press's Matt Elzweig thinks that subway love dreamfinders Patrick Moberg and Camille Hayton's rise to quasi-fame has something to do with Jakob Lodwick and Julia Allison's 'connections to Gawker.' "There's an implication that because of your ongoing relationship with both Gawker and Patrick Moberg, that you may have had something to do with the 11/5 and 11/6 items on Gawker about Moberg," he wrote to Jakob on 11/26, in a chain of emails that, in the spirit of "Hey, I tried," Matt saw fit to include in today's cover article. "Did that connection (between you and Gawker) have anything to do with its reporting on the Moberg story? Did Gawker learn about the video and/or Moberg's website directly from you? (If not, how do you suppose they did learn about it?)" Huh?

For starters, by "there's an implication," Matt maybe means, "I would like to imply, though I can't find any evidence to support my theory."

Jakob Lodwick has no "ongoing relationship to Gawker" besides being someone we write usually-mean things about from time to time.

We found out about Patrick's website the same way we find out about most of the things we write about: we got a bunch of emails about it. No one pitched it to us, and we didn't publicize it as a favor to anyone. We don't ever do that because, a) ew and b) we don't have to!

"The price of fame has dropped to $20 a month, payable to Verizon Wireless," Matt writes. Well, right! To anyone who has been reading the Internet for the past few years, though, that isn't a particularly shocking revelation. What would be shocking: a blogola scandal whereby Jakob Lodwick and Julia Allison fed Gawker information to ensure that their protege Patrick Moberg attained fameball status!

That's not what happened, though: It didn't need to. The way the internet works is, the cream floats to the top. And by "cream," we mean "most attention-grabbingly retarded shit."