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It's been a long while since the name Brandon Routh—the dashing young man plucked from obscurity to fill Superman's tights in the all-Kryptonian hero's long-awaited and quickly forgotten return to the big screen—has come up. So it was with a measure of genuine delight that we received an e-mail blast entitled, "ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT IS EXCLUSIVELY INSIDE THE SECRET WEDDING OF 'SUPERMAN' BRANDON ROUTH," a subject line that effectively teased the many details of the one-movie-long resuméd actor's mystery-enshrouded nuptials therein:

The Man of Steel is officially off the market! 'Superman Returns' star BRANDON ROUTH married longtime girlfriend, actress COURTNEY FORD, on Saturday at JON and MINDY PETERS' 3000-acre El Capitan Ranch, just outside of Santa Barbara, CA.

It was a very exclusive, intimate wedding. The 150 guests were made up of friends and family, as well as KATE BOSWORTH, Warner Bros. President and COO ALAN F. HORN and director BRYAN SINGER. [...]

"The Insider"'s CHERYL WOODCOCK spoke to Mindy Peters, who revealed that she and Jon did about a $1 million ranch overhaul for Brandon's big day, including adding a man-made lake, rock walls and waterfalls, as well as fountains that will shoot water on cue when Routh gets the word, "You may now kiss the bride." There were also fireworks to mark the union.

We suspect the spectacular Dancing "I Do" Waters will soon become the must-have feature at every celebrity wedding. But don't expect any of those receptions to come close to the lavish ceremony held at the Peters' Hacienda, whose $1 million renovation was but a fraction of what crazy, mean, beautiful-hearted faded superproducer Jon Peters feels Routh, whom he loves "like my own, flying superson," deserves for helping to make him feel like a vital Hollywood force once again.