Maximilia Cordero, alleged underaged sexual assault victim (who was allegedly born a man) of alleged billionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein, is now suing the New York Post, according to Radar, for allegedly smearing her and not disclosing after their countless quotes from Epstein flack Howard Rubenstein that he is also the New York Post's publicist. Epstein, former alleged Radar investor, allegedly raped Maximila "Ava" Cordero and also allegedly wore lipstick and asked to be called "Janice."

Cordero's lawyer is also allegedly her (ex?) boyfriend and they allegedly originally planned to include a birth certificate proving that Ava was born a biological female, but then they didn't, for reasons unknown.

Radar quotes liberally from the suit:

In one of the most sweeping accusations, the suit claims that the Post used the publicist it shares with Epstein, Howard Rubenstein, "to paint an outrageous, false, and defamatory portrait of the victim plaintiff and her attorney as 'money-seeking lawyers and their women'. The Post did not advise their readers that Rubenstein worked for the paper and gave the impression that Rubenstein was only employed by Epstein. Defendants intentionally quoted phony websites from their own subsidiary company MySpace, wrongfully attributed sexually perverted quotes to plaintiff, distorted plaintiff's background, went to plaintiff's father, brother, and other relatives and wrongfully told them the plaintiff suffered from a sexually transmitted disease ... failed to issue a retraction when the undisputed falsity of their story was presented to them, violated New York State medical privacy laws and rape shield laws to try and obtain confidential medical and other records about plaintiff, violated Journalism ethics standards for the treatment of sexual assault victims, and engaged in an outrageous pattern of malicious, false, defamatory, and reckless conduct which violated the standards of journalistic integrity..."

You get all that? 'Cause we didn't! She's basically suing the Post for being the Post? Which maybe should be illegal!

Epstein Accuser Sics Law-Dog On Page Six [Radar]