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In today's episode: Laurence Fishburne; Mark Ruffalo; Marg Helgenberger and LeBron James; Victoria Beckham; Pierce Brosnan, Hayden Panettiere, and the Victoria's Secret Angels; Adrian Grenier; Eric Idle; Neil Patrick Harris, Laura Cerón, and Geoffrey Owens; Robert Zemeckis and Roger Avary; Ben Silverman; Morgan Spurlock; Mark Curry; Erin Daniels and Katherine Moennig.

· Saturday, November 17th at Bristol Farms built on the grave of the old Chasens; Laurence Fishburne in the sparkling water aisle. Tall and bit heavier than I remembered him, gave me a very nice looks that said "Yes, I am Morpheus, please don't bring it up".

· I saw Mark Ruffalo hiking in Fryman Canyon with his two cute kids. (Sunday November 18)

· last saturday night at the delicious but loud and obnoxious "cut" in b.h. — slim and trim marg helgenberger celebrating a birthday (while magically appearing to be ageless) and, at another table, the enormous and very casual lebron james...

· I was eating breakfast at The Farm (Grove location) on Sunday when Posh Beckham showed up with her kids and a nannie in tow. She spent the whole time on her cell or texting, while the nannie watched her noisy kids. I didn't actually see her eat anything, either.

· Waiting for my virgin america flight to sfo on the 16th and just saw hayden the dolphin saver walk by me with 2 of her friends to their nyc flight. Also walking by are the victoria secrets angels to board the nyc flight. Tsa was going crazy opening a dedicated line for them to pass through... Pierce Brosnan just walked by on his way to the virgin america flight with his personal assistant. There are lots of male police officers standing around the victorias gate.

· Adrian Grenier at the High Wires show (at the Tangier) on Sunday night. Going a little too far on the Medellin/Pablo front, but accompanied by a bevy of girls—way to live up to that Vinnie Chase rep, boo.

· My nerdy heart leapt at the sight of Eric Idle at the Arclight on Friday evening. He was a bit scrawnier than expected in person, and wearing tartan trousers and a jaunty cap, but in a low-key way.

·Saturday 11.17, Van Nuys: While playing some great mini golf for a friends birthday (happy bday, JJS), saw Neil Patrick Harris at Castle Park Mini-Golf with some friends. NPH (sans unicorn) is looking uberhot sporting some nice pecs. Go Doogie! Later, at Caoiti Pizza in Studio City, saw Cosby Show son in law Eldin (Geoffrey Owens) having an early dinner with his adorable kid.

Sunday 11.18, The Dive, ER Veteran Laura Cerón nurse Chuny, chatting with a friend. Sadly, The Dive (formerly Highland Grounds) is closing. no more breakfast pizza. -

· On our way in to the Arlington Theater (up in beautiful Santa Barbara) for the 4pm showing of Beowulf my fiance and I were treated to an unexpected sighting of Robert Zemeckis and a guy who I'm pretty sure was Roger Avary. As for fashion... Mr. Z. was wearing black glasses while offering those who cared his best version of "Hollywood incognito". Roger was rocking the hip T-shirt and expensive jeans frequently seen in numerous picket lines as of late. They all seemed happy... and content... and very, very rich. The movie, by the way, was freakin' AMAZING - and this director/writer combo-sighting put it right over the top!

· Ben Silverman running the 4th St. stairs in Santa Monica last Saturday morning (11/17). He was in better than average shape, clocking in at least 10 sets. Shouldn't he be in the office attempting to revive his network's dismal ratings?

· 11/18/07 At Borders' bookstore at Sunset and Vine, saw "Super Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock walking around by himself. I thought he was killing time to watch a movie at the Arclight, but found out later he was interviewed by "Geraldo" via satellite. Which makes sense since the CNN building is a block away.

· Thursday 11/14. Seen-better-days, hasn't-worked-a-lot-lately actor/comedian Mark Curry at the Burbank Airport, in his expensive black Mercedes, honking like 35 times in eight seconds at the car in front of him to let him in to the curbside lane. Really? It's like 6:15 AM, dude. None of us have had our coffee yet. Two honks wouldn't have done it? Three? 34? Inside, seen-better-days, hasn't-worked-a-lot-lately actor/comedian Mark Curry had an iPhone, a Louis Vuitton bag, and a "don't look at me" baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. (Insert your own "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" reference.)

· On Saturday the 17th I was putting back a James Perse shirt at Bloomingdale's in Sherman Oaks when I noticed a woman with a hat pulled down over her face. Then I looked three feet in front of me at the pretty blonde woman on the other side of the shirts, and it was Dana from the L Word (Erin Daniels). The woman with the hat was shopping with her, and was the ACTUAL Shane from the L Word, Kate Moennig. "Shane" and "Dana" in James Perse is my favorite sighting at this Bloomie's since Loni Anderson in denim, although I understand the President of Armenia was in the store on Saturday, too.