Vivacious redhead Paige Davis has agreed to return as host of a new HD version of the once-geisty TLC home-swap design show Trading Spaces. What does this all mean? Well, for one thing, that the Broadway dreams of one Paige Davis, who's played Roxie in the stage version of Chicago —she's a thespian on the level of Lisa Rinna and Ashlee Simpson!— are dashed. Tail between legs, she slinks back...but wait! Perhaps Paige Davis is merely the Terry Malloy of the troubled labor times! She does kinda look like a young Brando.

Ms. Davis can just blame it on the stagehand strike! Still, she has to come to terms with the step backwards into the reality dregs—I mean, she couldn't even get on a Lifetime serial? But wait some more! There's a writer's strike on; no scripted TV! Little by little, the week's bicoastal labor unrest has acheived its goal: excusing one lady's career failure. [AP]