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Tonight, meet and greet and meet and greet. Startup networking, the future of music, and some guy from Kentucky will all be out in today's Valleywag Calendar.

  • Startup mixer Stirr is back for a "Founder's Hacks" event. Ev Williams from Blogger and Twitter, Jangl and Ooma founder Michael Cerda, and Friendster and Socializr founder Jonathan Abrams will be on hand to share tricks they've learned in their entrepreneurial endeavors. 6 p.m. at Mighty in Potrero Hill. [Eventbrite]
  • There's a "Media Web Meetup" on the topic of music copyright and creative commons and what the future of digital music is going to look like. Fun topic! But it starts at 1 p.m. in SoMa, so it's not for people with real jobs or something. If you work at Yahoo Brickhouse, however, feel free to go. [Upcoming]
  • Fark founder Drew Curtis, the washed-up male figure skater pictured above, will be at Cafe Murano on Steiner Street for a Fark meetup tonight at 9 p.m. Expect beer. [Google Groups]